Soo...when native ONT trading 😁

Is this on the radar? Native trading for ont & ong? Had a few times I wanted to trade some ong or ont for neo from O3


At this point it probably won’t be part of the native trading any time soon but you can trade directly between ONT and NEO using the O3 Swap app in the apps page. It’s pretty much instant and a fairly decent rate.

There are some technical issues holding us back from implementing a native trade version of it just yet.

Hope this helps.

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Doesn’t let me trade ont for neo inside the swap app


Actually you can not do this trade from ont to neo yet you can from neo to ont why is this? Also can someone please help me unfreeze my ong account so I can make a claim

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Ah there seems to be an issue with the the system, we are looking into it at the moment, will let you know when we know more. Sorry about that guys.

@PayDrew You can check this topic: Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic And request a small amount of ONG to be sent to your address.

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Following up here. Any update to this or plans for implementation? Just checked and noticed ont is no longer a native O3 asset to use for swap

It lets me swap Neo for ONT but not the other way around

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Hey Justin,

Sorry this is something on our partner’s end, but we are looking into it and will be trying to add back that pair and hopefully more pairs with GAS and ONG as well in the future. Sorry but please wait for a while longer.