Staketology dApp


Day ago I have staked ONT through O3 wallet. Can not see ‘‘pending deposit’’ for the next round. ONG is generated but not claimable in wallet, therefore I guess thats because ONT is already locked for next staking round, right?


Can you send your address please so we can have a look?




Hello, It’s because you don’t have any ONG. For every transaction you need to pay a network fee in ONG. I sent you some, so you should be able to claim now (your regular claim amount) and then you can start staking if you would like to.


Arco, you’re Da man. Thank you! That didn’t even cross my mind. Thanks a lot. How do I return the favor?


Just keep on being a happy O3 user and then we’re happy too :+1:

Let us know if you run into any other issues and we’re happy to help.