Switcheo live within O3 😁

It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to log into the dex with just my fingerprint and not my long private key. You guys are awesome thanks for all your hard work!


Thanks Justin! This is just part 1 though, we’re not done yet :wink: We’ll work hard on making it even more easy to trade right from the wallet in the next few months. And of course we will be looking at adding more dApps with the same smooth login experience.


Big congrats to the team :sunglasses::champagne:


Every time I try to transfer NEO to the Switcheo DEX it always says it can’t connect to O3 wallet but I am still prompted to put in my pin to confirm the contract. I have tried logging in and out. I cant get anything to transfer to Switcheo from O3.

Loving switcheo so far. Thanks for all the hard work you all do.


Can you show us a screenshot of the error? Also please try to do it on wifi and on regular cellular network to see if that makes any difference.

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i figured it out. it turns out my app didnt update. All is well now… except for the market. :frowning: