Travala $AVA NEO nep5 ico listed 2 days ago switcheo

My dear devs , my favorite ico listed in Switcheo 2 days ago and O3 does not show the price

Can you please fix that or add it :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Thanks for checking. Our price data comes from a separate website that doesn’t have any data from Switcheo. It will probably take a while longer before the price will show up, most likely after it’s listed on another exchange. Sorry but please bear with us! :slight_smile:


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i guess your data comes from neoeconomy

not just AVA, no price for SWTH, MCT, EDS, NKN yet

Hello, no we use
Besides SWTH all of these are not on coinmarketcap either, and MCT/EDS are not even traded as far as we are aware, so there are no prices available at all. We will always strive to get prices as soon as possible though, but again it will probably take a bit of time until it’s listed on a bigger exchange.