August 3rd day of free ONG claiming



Today is the day of free ONG claiming, but it seems not working with O3 wallet.

Some informations?


We haven’t gotten any confirmation from Ontology team yet. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it’s still not free on ONTO app either.


Yes it is not free with onto wallet


Thanks for confirming it. We will notify our users on here when we get something back from Ontology team.


The ONTOLOGY team has made an update for android of onto wallet.
Still not working to claim the ONG…

Update : it is possible to claim with ONTO wallet in android


I don’t know how to claim Ong I have 96 coin in my q3 wallet. Need your help.



Claiming ONG will cost 0.01 ONG, this is a network fee. So if you don’t have any ONG you won’t be able to claim. Please send me a message at with your wallet address.