BDN AirDrop claim 120BDN KYC


I have completed the KYC to claim 120 BDN airdrop but i don’t receive them Why?

Hello, can you send your address, so we can check?

Kind Regards,

Hi Arco,

This is my address :


Hey, thank you. I think something went wrong there, you should have received the tokens.
I will have to request them to BDN first and then send them, but I’ll try to send them over later today or tomorrow latest! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi, what can I do to recieve 120 BDN. If there is somebody who speaks French, tell me please.


I received BDN tokens whith bonus !!! :blush:

Thank for your help



Pour recevoir les 120 tokens il fallait passer le KYC avant le 25/10 je crois.

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Hello, we will check for you with BDN and get back to you asap.

I haven’t received 120 BDN either after completing KYC.
My address: AUmzW4MYCtDakB59hFybV7aGFZVi2S7FLc
Would it be possible for you to check.
I tried BDN telegram, but there was no reply.

look my message :point_up_2:

I have checked the list of KYC verified addresses we received from BDN but both of you are not in there. It could mean you were declined, but I’m checking with the team now.

i wrote email when i KYC completing

Can you send another email to please?
They will be able to tell you why you did or did not pass KYC.