When i open Blocklords, i get the pop up “Please open the o3”
I get this while my O3 is uptodate and open. It worked the last days good but now i cant log in anymore.



Sorry to hear that, let’s see if we can find the issue.
Can you please post a screenshot of the pop up you get?


I have the same issue. O3 is up to date and open but I keep getting this message:



Sorry to hear you are having trouble connecting. What OS are you using, osx, windows, linux, and do you directly install or from one of the app stores?

Could also you please try out the following steps to assist in helping you resolve this issue?

  • Open the O3 wallet
  • Open the chrome browser
  • navigate to
  • right click anywhere in the browser window and click “Inspect” from the dropdown menu
  • the chrome debugger window should pop up on the right hand side of your browser
  • in the chrome debugger, click on “Console” tab at the top of the debugger
  • On the testbed website, the first method on the site should be “getProvider”
  • Please click the “Run” button for “getProvider”

At this point what should happen is that a result will display below the “Run” button if it connects properly. If not, do you see any errors come up in the chrome debugger on the right of your screen?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the results. The screenshot should contain both the testbed results and the chrome debugger window. Please see an example below:


Same problem for me. Using W10, attempted with Brave, Chrome, and Firefox.

Here’s the screenshot.

EDIT: Disabling my VPN resolved the issue.

@nick While I have you; it used to be possible to re-order wallets in the desktop app but I can’t find anywhere to do it now. Was this removed? Could it be brought back?


Thanks for testing that out. Seems that it is possibly this issue regarding VPNs and local connections:

Regarding the reordering of wallets. Yes, this feature was removed, but we are currently looking into a solution to bring it back.


@edge Re-ordering of wallets is back on desktop as of V3!


Nice! Thanks for the heads up.