Can not login with my Ledger


I downloaded the O3 wallet and tried to login with my Ledger nano S, but didn’t work. When I create a new wallet for my Ledger, I get the following message “please provide a key”. I have my ledger with the ONT app open when I follow the steps to create a new wallet.


You need to do a few things as you have added the wallet incorrectly it seems. This was possible on an earlier version of the desktop app.

  1. Download the latest O3 desktop app (1.1.3)
  2. Remove your ledger wallet from O3 by going to settings, click the setting image to the right of your ledger wallet name and then click remove wallet.
  3. After following the steps to remove it please go back to the settings menu and click login with ledger.
  4. Add the ledger wallet again and then it should work

Let me know if it still doesn’t work.


Hi Arco, after following the steps you indicated, the Ledger login is working.

Thanks for the quick response an for your help.