Can't see the tx of my token received

I sent my token from O3 wallet to another wallet
Balance shows up but I can’t get the tx of token I received. O3 wallet shows pending
Please help
Token: NOS
Sent from my wallet using O3 wallet: AVEHyipfmhExgH3jiKwKKyBrAP1vQhAicj
Wallet receive: AJmXn667JNfVft73xVXk2GFyGRBGEP4BFf
Tx1: 7237.21265273 NOS
Tx2: 185.45149327

Nos tokens in this wallet AJmXn667JNfVft73xVXk2GFyGRBGEP4BFf is only showed when I used or to check
In neotracker and neoscan I can’t see anything in both 2 wallets

both of those blockchain explorers rely on a notification system to update your balances and sometimes it takes time.

We recommend using ours here
it’s always correct as it fetches your balance directly from the NEO blockchain. Plus it also shows your tokens that you deposited into Switcheo Smart Contract.

Can you help me to get tx? I deposited to the exchange and they credits token deposited by both of these blockchain explorer. They did not accept if I can’t give them the tx hash

Which exchange you deposited to?

Hotbit. They use neoscan blockchain explorer. In neoscan, my wallet did not show token. So they do not accept that

perhaps these two?

Oh. Got it. It’s just appeared on blockchain. Thank you for your help!