Gas is still struggling


I will just wait for this update then, instead of uninstalling and reinstalling.

Thank you team!


Got update 1.3.3 - gas claim working! Thank you!


Really impressed! The app is running more smoothly than ever! Kudos!


Thanks for the feedback! And sorry for all the inconvenience :wink:


Where do o go about getting the MCT that was supposed to be airdropped?


Did you have NEP5 coins other than NEO in your wallet? If so add the MCT coin and it should show. You can check to seeing you have them at neoscan.


The airdrop was based on holding NEP-5 coins in the wallet at time of airdrop. There was no preannouncement of the airdrop. If you received them they should already be showing in O3


Got mine, great job O3 in getting this wallet going. Despite some minor hiccups with gas, I have been happy with it…and look to accumulate more NEP5 tokens using this phone app. It makes me feel like a part of the crypto community instead of someone watching from the sidelines.


Thanks Shefpan, we appreciate you’re support and will focus in the next couple first and foremost on stability, and then we hope to have lots of exciting features rolling out in Q2 and Q3, we’re just beginning :smiley:

Feel free to use this forum as a place to discuss NEO and O3, we hope to build a great community here!


This app is really awesome. Between O3, Switcheo and Binance, I can pretty much do everything I want to. Major Kudos!


Now we just need a better FIAT to NEO gateway :wink:


Wouldn’t that be great to be able to buy NEP5 coins directly on O3!


It’s not easy, but we’re looking into the options… :wink:


It would be a game changer that puts O3 on par with Coinbase.


Gas is finally showing. So props to you Guys
Now magically make All the missing gas from the last days appear and you Guys Will really be on a roll :muscle:t3:


Mines out to, spinning circle :o: around and around. Can see the gas there. Can click the button- but it just won’t finish the op.


Hi there,

We’re checking the problem, probably something with the API we use.
Will try to solve it asap, please bear with us for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.