Help: All of my staked ONT is missing in my Staketology app. How do I retrieve them?

I need guidance on how to remove my ONT that I have staked on the STAKETOLOGY APP. When I log into Staketology, my Ont that I have staked is gone/missing. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi, please provide your address that we can help to check.

Direct help please consult with our admin @CaroLineO3WALLET in Telegram group ( ).

I also need help retrieving my ONT from STAKETOLOGY APP. Recently I logged in for the first time in a while and can’t find the app or my coins. Please advise on how to retrieve them.

My address ONT address is ALwg1qVjaJ8dvHgL2TYccCuCTtU3qReMEg


I tried to contact the person you mentioned above and someone automatically reported me to an admin. I need help. I sent a screenshot of my address as well.

Admins never PM you first! What can I help you?

Hi, Staketology removed by the wallet from 1st Nov officially. But your ONT is not missing. It is still on the ONT stake validator if you were not unstaking before.

Staketology is a tool to help users stake ONT that following ONT staking model. That means when you connect the same wallet address with other ONT staking platforms, you can check with all previous operations and continue to stake/unstake/withdraw.

Please connect with the same address wallet on other ONT staking platforms for operations.

If I open the O3 wallet Nano S Ledger, I used for staking I can see ONT and ONG claimed years ago but if I open the Owallet app with ledger the address is different and can’t access the staked coins

You need to choose the same address before importing to the Owallet