Just updated new wallet but claim gas page still causing crashing app


Just updated new wallet but claim gas page still causing crashing wallet thanks



Thank you for using our app.

We keep running into trouble with GAS claims and sending transactions since about a week ago. We are going to have to do some major maintenance to fix this, which will take about 2 days. We’re very sorry but claiming GAS and sending tokens will most likely not be available for another 2 days. Hopefully we have everything up and running again by Thursday or Friday.
In the meantime we are constantly bringing out updates, so please check the app store and download the latest versions. The more people use these newer versions the faster we can solve all the issues.

For claiming GAS, you can claim after everything is working again. You will not miss out on any GAS even if your balance is not showing correctly.

If you need to send tokens we suggest the following:
-Backup your private key (very important otherwise you lose all your funds!!)
-Use private key to login to either NEON wallet or neotracker.io
-Send tokens
-After 2 days we update O3 and you can use all functions on O3 again

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


Have to say I’m super impressed. Last version 1.3.3 was buttery smooth and perfectly functional for me on iPhone 7 running iOS 11.4 . Can confirm that on 1.3.4 I can no longer claim Gas as you stated. Happily waiting for 1.3.5 - I had a taste of the greatness to come.

This app is a serious net positive for the NEO smart economy. Couldn’t be happier overall.