Latest update v1.1.12 to v1.1.13

Could someone please help me :tired_face: It is telling me to update from v1.1.12 to v1.1.13 and when I hit the link it takes me to the windows download page. I downloaded it again and it is telling me I still need to update the wallet.

Oh no! Sorry about that.
Can you use this link to update?
This for Mac:
This for Windows:


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@arco Thank you once again for saving the day:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@arco Sorry ti be a pain again, but the link you sent me above did download to my computer but did not update the wallet. Not sure what I am doing wrong. When opening the wallet it is still telling me to update and the link is still takes me too windows download page for a new wallet.

No problem! I assume you double clicked the .exe file to run the installation, but that did not update your app?

Did you originally get O3 from the Windows app store, or just from a direct download like this one?

@arco yes I double clicked to open and I got my wallet through window app store.

@Mandy I see… And if you go to the windows app store again, you cannot update through there either?
If you go to the windows app store what does it show exactly on the O3 app page?

@arco The link that you shared was downloaded and tick open when done. Every thing seems to be ok after it opens, then when the wallet is closed and reopened it still comes up with please update. If I go to the window App store It allow’s me to download again, which it did nothing new, still have to update new wallet.

Hi @Mandy I’m sorry to hear that. We’ll look into this.
For now, can you please do the following:

  1. Back up all your wallets (go to settings menu and click ‘Import/Export Wallet File’ and then ‘Export wallets file’.
  2. Save the wallet file on your computer and make sure it is there
  3. Uninstall O3 once
  4. Install it again with this link or the install file you already downloaded if you still have it on your computer
  5. After installing click ‘Import/Export Wallet File’ again, and now click ‘Import wallets file’
  6. Select the wallet file (.json file) you saved in step 1 and 2.

This should work… Sorry for the hassle but please let us know if that works for you.
Again, please really make sure you have your wallet file backed up because if you don’t and you don’t have your keys then you will lose access to your wallet!

Good luck!


@arco I use a ledger nano s to connect so do I still need to back it up still?

Ah, if you only use ledger then you do not need to do that. Then you can just reinstall, and then click ‘import ledger wallet’ and restore your wallet from there.

@arco Thank you. I will try as you have said and let you know how I go with it all. It dose scare me doing stuff like that, only because there is money involved. Lol Thank you thou for your help.

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@arco I removed the wallet from my computer and added a new one with the link that you had given me. After adding and running it, once opened it still had all my tokens on it and did not have to use my nano nor use file that I had saved just in case it didn’t work using my nano ledger. It seams to updated the wallet as I am not getting the update notice now. Thank you again. Lol I do hope that I don’t have to bug you with anything more any time soon.

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Glad to hear that! Sorry for having you go through that trouble. Will check to make sure it doesn’t happen again with future updates! And no worries, that’s what we’re here for :wink:

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@arco I dont’t know what is going on. Every thing was working with the update, now it’s telling me to update again with same update. Now I can’t even get to my wallet after closing down screen telling me to update, where before I could.

@arco I went through all the steps and deleted it and downloaded again. It’s working again so will see how long this last again.:disappointed_relieved:

Hi @Mandy, we just released a new version of the desktop app. It will ask you to update every time because some features cannot be accessed or could potentially cause problems in the future if you don’t update.

All you would really need to do is just download the latest version from the website again, and do an update. It should not be necessary to uninstall and then do it all from the start! Please let us know next time if you really cannot figure it out and we can see if we can guide you through it.

@arco I have checked my wallet for a while and I have notice my ONG gas is not showing at all in the wallet to claim, my neo is and have been able to claim with no problems. can you please help with this.