Ledger not connecting/ recognized by the 03 App

I connected and stored ONT via ledger over 1 year ago o the O3 APP and also staked via ledger.

I am now trying to reconnect to O3 application via my ledger but it will not connect or recognize the ledger.

I deleted the ONT app on ledger, reset ledger, and reinstalled the ONT App on it but that still doesnt work.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Sorry for late reply. We are trying to fix this problem currently. and will tell you immediately if we find the reason. Thanks for supporting O3.

hi, the ledger problem resolved. Please try to re-download the O3 wallet from the official website and feel free to ask me if you still have questions :slight_smile:

I did it still doesn’t work

My ONT has been stuck for months. Can you please assist me how to get access to ONT on the O3 App from my ledger. I did your previous trouble shooting steps, without success. Ive provided screen shots already.

Do I have to just hope one day an update allows me access to my ONT?

hi, we test the whole process about Staketology and did not meet the same problem as you met. Could you re-download the O3 wallet from official website and check the ledger whether effective?

I did that. Also, The ledger works on O wallet but generates a different address on the ONT app on ledger, then the O3 does. Can someone please contact me directly so we can trouble shoot this issue and resolve this?

Some progress. New O3 wallet downloaded and imported all wallets.

I also imported my ledger wallet and chose the address that held my ONT, even though it was not an address available if I checked the Ontology only box below.

I still have same issue connecting but noticed that the ledger now has a view only and is requesting private or encrypted keys for my ledger for full access. I only have my seed words and no encrypted or private keys. can you help. I didnt need these keys when I first imported my ledger a year ago and deposited my ONT

I have not gotten any reply to my past 2 responses. This support page is very frustrating. My ONT has been stuck for months and getting help here is almost impossible.

Sorry for the late reply, here is the connection guide for Staketology via O3 below. And requesting private key or encrypted keys for accessing in ledger that’s the problem in ledger. Could you check whether your ledger needs to update or something like that?

everything for me to connect staketology and staking is fine, the O3 instructions in below link may helps you to find out the solutions, goodluck!

It appears now after I downloaded the new O3 update , When I now try to connect ledger - it is view only. But When I first set up my ledger on 03, I did not need private keys to connect my ledger (I don’t think there are any) I was able to move my ONT and ONG freely. If the O3 app previously retrieved ands stored the private keys, when you instructed me to delete O3 application and download new 03. (none of that info was saved,)

So now I still cannot get to my ONT stored on ledger on 03 application. Stuck for months
How do I get around the O3 app NOW requesting (after it has my ONT) ledger private keys? I only have my seed words. Again, i didnt need private keys to move my ONT to O3 and staketology, but now it wants it - after ONT is already stored on O3

We also did not enter the private key (only need for the pin code) when connecting the ledger in the test process so that I mentioned it the problem may in the ledger in the above apply. And the token ONT is always in your address not in the wallet.

Ok here is one other problem I see. When connecting ledger -MY address where the ONT in stored on O3 is not listed when I check the ONTOLOGY only box -but when uncheck it, my address appears in the drop down list. Therefore, when I redownloaded the latest O3 application and connected my ledger - i had to uncheck the box.

What part does this play in the issue?

Could you provide your address that we could check your problems more specific?

I sent Private message