Lost gas since the update today



i’m anle to claim gas now which is great. but i had accumulated about 0,005 before the update and that went down to 0.002. why did i lose this?

it’s about a week of accumulation.

thanks for getting back to me


OK now it didn’t claim but added both totals together. something is obviously wrong.


Please update to the latest app, and claim again twice.
All the previous GAS should be added to your wallet then.


i am already on the latest ios update


It’s still a bit slow, but it should be working now.
The amount of GAS you receive is automated, so we cannot change anything about that.
There has only been an issue with the amount that is showing, but everything should be solved now.
If you are still worried you don’t have the correct amount please check your address on neoscan.io or neotracker.io