Missed deadline but no swap button


Hello there, I’ve missed the deadline to swap ONT tokens, but now it seems that they opened it again.
I’m trying with O3 wallet but there is not swap button, only ONT (mainnet). Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, can you send us your wallet address? It sounds like the swap is already made, we’ll check if your tokens are Ontology mainnet tokens or still on the NEO blockchain.


Hey Arco, Thanks for the reply. Here is my address: Af4AgceasgiwST2hKDm3VtznbxfX6EP7b3

Thank you very much!


Hello, indeed it seems that you have already swapped the tokens, so no need to do anything else!


Thanks for the quick answer Arco, I can’t claim ONG and I’ve already sent ONG to my address… Can you help me?

thank you!


I assume you are on desktop? If you download the latest version of the desktop wallet it should be solved. Please download from: https://o3.network
Updates from Apple and Windows app stores will follow, they are currently under review by Apple/Microsoft.


Thank you Arco, App Store wasn’t updating so I downloaded the direct file and everything worked fine :slight_smile:

Wish you the best.