Missing all tokens except NEO, GAS, ONG

Yesterday i withdrew a bunch of different tokens from my trading account to my main account. My history shows i received them but they arent visible. So i cant send them. The mobile app and desktop app are the same, balance shows $0.00. Very frustrating.

Could you explain the transaction in detail and provide the screenshot for us that help us to resolve your problem?

Thats all of the transactions. im not really sure how else to explain it.This morning i opened 03 mobile and i actually saw all my tokens, but when i went to send any, it went back to only showing GAS & ONG.

Received! There may be showed loading or small problems because we are upgrading currently. All problems will be solved after the new version release in June.

Yeah, a small problem would be balance issues lasting a day or two. Why are your upgrades interfering with the product people are still using? And this will last for ‘at least’ two weeks? This is an enormous problem.

What kind of rewards will i receive for this unwarranted staking of my coins?