Missing ONT deposit

One 4-21 at 12:30 I deposited 1 ont from binance to o3 and it never arrived

2018-08-20 23:49:17

Sent 2 binance took One the other one never arrived

Hello, do you have the transaction ID, your wallet address on O3, and wallet address on Binance?
Also, there is a withdrawal fee of 1 ONT on binance, so does that mean you sent 2 ONT and 1 was taken as withdrawal fee, but the other 1 didn’t arrive?

Yes I added tx and address to orgiginal post and your correct I sent 2 the 1st binance took the second never arrived

Same as with the NEO, i can see 1 ONT in your address.
That means it somehow not showing up. If you can send me details of your phone, what version you are on and a screenshot of your wallet page that would be helpful.

Same Verizon 2.0.1

I send some ONT from wallet to exchange 10 days ago but never arrived please help me

Hi, can you please provide your wallet address so we can look it up for you?
If you don’t want to share it here please send this issue including your wallet address to support@o3.network


Hi, how much was it exactly? 115 ONT?
If that is the one, I can see it arrived in the address you sent it to:

Are you sure you sent to the correct address, and are you sure the exchange you sent to supports ONT?

yes ,it is my neo address but when i send to ont address O3 wallet ask me please input just neo address
and show some error and do not send
i have neo and ont address in exchange but o3 wallet just send to just neo adress

The address is indeed the same, so there’s no problem with that.
Are you on the latest version of the app?

Also, I’m unsure whether the issue is that you sent it but it didn’t arrive, or you tried to send it and it fails giving an error. Can you please specifically state which of the two it is, and if you sent and it didn’t arrive, can you post both the ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses, and the amount?

from AXEvdnrVYgccp45Ucd6sDtUfNUT6jzW1bU
to AV4RvemZZeTZDs276EigfCU1gWt4QXnVVf

I can see that the 115 ONT have arrived here:

Please check with the exchange, there is nothing we can do as it is on the exchange side.