Neo and Gas Lost after update


Zero balance instead of 86 Neo since lates update. Can development team please clarify. Thanks.


I’m showing all NEO and GAS but missing everything else


Hello, we’re checking to see if we can find the issue. For some reason some people have this issue while others don’t. What you can try to do is reinstall the app (but make sure you back up your private key first), and then try again. If that doesn’t work please give us some time to look into it further.


The issue has been fixed. You don’t need to update the app. Just pull to refresh or restart the app.
Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for your patience.


Thank you for your advice, after I restarted the app (O3) , the Neo and Gas ZERO balance remained the same.
Zero balance instead of 10 Neo since lates today update. (20.00 pm.)

The support team, Kindly assist.


It should be solved now, can you check again?


Hi Arco,
10 min ago, I erased and restarted the app (O3) , the Neo and Gas showing 0 balance remained the same.
Best regard,


I found your address, it still has the NEO in it. Did you backup your original private key?