I withdrew neo from kuccoin to my wallet it’s been nearly 10 hours and it shows as successful on kuccoin but not shown up in wallet yet. Where could the problem be?


If you look up your address on here and it does not appear, then it is a kucoin issue, exchanges are often slow at processing withdrawals


I have the same issue. Did your Neo arrive?


I just posted about this, I transferred NEO from KUcoin last night and nothing has shown up…


Some more users contacted us on support, it seems like an issue on KuCoin. They were saying they didn’t process the transactions (yet) because of NEO network congestion. At this moment there is no congestion though. We recommend you contact KuCoin to ask when they can solve it on their side.


Binance has stopped withdrawals of NEO for a few days now due to network issues


The blockchain seems fine now, no congestion or anything, so I assume they will resume withdrawals etc. again soon.