Neo Name Service (shown in O3 wallet DAPPS)


Hi is it a known issue with the NEO Name Service DAPP that it just doesn’t work right now? I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to get into it. You click it (under the APPS area) and it opens a new window, an alert pops up to accept or deny (dApp Connection Request) the app NEO Name Service, you click accept and nothing happens.

The window that pops open just remains forever blank and nothing appears. Can this be looked into? Whose fault is it? O3’s or the dAPP NEO Name Service? Should it then be removed from the apps area until it is actually working? Please advise.


Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.


Windows 10 platform if it helps.


Looks like the NEO Name Service DAPP has been removed from the O3 Wallet now so thank you for sorting that out.

I am keen to get a NEO NNS address for myself so hopefully it comes back working soon, very cool idea rather than needing a huge long public wallet string address you just need what is basically an email address. ETH has something similar I believe.