New User Questions/Glitches


Hi All,

Just a couple new user/beginner 03 wallet questions (please forgive my ignorance):

  1. I recently completed a single test transaction of 10000 TKY from KuCoin to my new wallet, and in the “Transactions” tab, there are multiple (14) transactions, (with more with each passing moment) representing the exact date and time (with each one saying +10000). Furthermore, each transaction detail is identical. Is this a glitch, or is it somehow reflecting the different “Gas” amounts/confirmations sent within the single transaction?

  2. Although the tokens are reflected in the portfolio and accounts tab, on the “My Wallets” page, my balance is listed as 0.00. At some points, the correct amount is listed, however other times, the amount is again 0.00. Is this normal, or something to be concerned about?

  3. The scan button to the right of my wallet name on the accounts/transaction tab doesn’t work, nor does the one at the bottom (to the right of the request button). A common glitch?

  4. There was a “disconnect” button visible yesterday on one of the tabs, but no longer visible today. I assume this was to take the wallet off the active news network? Can somewhere please advise?

Thank you for any assistance!



Sorry your first experience is not what it should be! First of all, can you please let us know whether you are on desktop or mobile, and which operating system you are on? Also on which version of the O3 app are you? Also can you please let us know your wallet address so we can see more details?

Kind Regards,


Hi Arco,

Thanks for the response.

I am using an iPhone SE version 12.1.2 and the wallet version is 2.9.0

Can I message you wallet address?



Hi, we are just releasing a new update at the moment, so please try and download that and then let me know if you still have the same issues. For the wallet address, please send me a DM or you can send a support ticket with the above info and your wallet address to


Hi Arco,

Thanks for the info! I will download the new version and keep you posted.