Newer O3 3.8.0 ver deleted my older wallet info including pk

Hello, I created a new wallet for N3 today, on top of my existing Legacy Wallet (o3). Migrating the legacy neo to N3 then realized i had v 3.8.0 of O3 wallet, so could not vote. I downloaded the new v 3.8.1 and just realized that it has wiped out my previous wallet data which I have not backed up ! no pk backed for N3. Pls tell me there is a way to get the old wallet info from somewhere in my laptop so that I can import that into a new wallet and recoup my funds. Is there a way to search for the older wallet.dat file and get the pk from there ??


  1. In which version did you create the N3 wallet?
  2. Did you delete or uninstall the old version wallet before updating?
    If under this situation, we’re quite sorry and have to tell you that it will not and cannot be retrieved.
    If not as above, then try to look for the path C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\O3\storage and see if there is the file NEP6_NEO3_WALLET.json.
    (The password will be required if importing with file and the password will not be required if importing with the private key.)

Hope it will be useful and good luck!

the json file file did not have any value in the filed but thanks god this issue got sorted with 1 simple laptop reboot.

what an experience that was, really thought that the SW update wiped out the previous wallet input, but upon reboot, all the data resurfaced somehow. really strage that APPDATA O3 path was empty before restart.

thanks for the response, nevertheless.

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