O3 staking app reward


Hi there.

I have A question i staked 1000 ont after the whole round i got 0.07 ong stake reward. Is that correct?



For staking there are two kind of rewards.

  1. Rewards from transactions on the network
    The node you stake in to will receive a part of the transaction fees made by anyone that makes a transaction on the Ontology chain. If you stake then you will in turn get a part of what the node you staked into receives. This is the 0.07 ONG you received I think.

  2. Rewards from Ontology foundation.
    Ontology foundation will reward early nodes with a fixed amount of ONG per month. This amount then gets divided between the nodes and the people that stake in the node and thus you will receive part of this. Note that it is only given out once a month in the first few days of the month if you have staked your ONT for the full previous month. Assuming you started staking somewhere in January you missed out on the early February pay out but will be eligible for the payout early March. This amount is normally bigger than the rewards from transactions at this stage.

I hope this helps! Please do leave your stake so you can get the rewards from 2.