O3 wallet neo3 upgrade to n3MainNet

Hello guys, i have almost the same problem like you all, i have migrated my neo in early bird migration, crated new wallet in o3 on the same wallet where i had my neo in neo legacy. So now i have new laptop, and i wanted to look in to my wallet, i can connect easy to my neo legacy wallet, ofcourse there is no neo in there, because i migrated them to neo3. But when im trying to log in to my neo3 wallet, wallets is asking to upgrade your neo3 address to N3MainNet, the wallet is asking a private key for unlocking wallet, i have tried all my passphrases many times , I have my encrypted key from neo3, but it is not enough to unlock my wallet? i dont understand why it is asking for private key? why after upgrade i cant even look in to my neo3 assets , please help me :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Has there been any response?

no, two weeks i have no response from support, mail/and here …

If a you’ve got any issue? Just contact 03wallet support on there whatsap for assistance and clarification, they are fast and reliable

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Give the WhatsApp number

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