ONG stuck in O3, Have ONG and ONT in Wallet, have read the other help threads

Hi, trying to claim my ONG in the Stakeology dapp for my staked ONT but once I’ve signed the transactions on my Ledger it says it all went fine then the ONG just stays in the unclaimed spot. I have ONG and ONT in my swap wallet so not sure what I’m doing wrong. Using desktop, have O3 ver 2.4.4

Hi there, can you please post your address so we can have a look?


Thank you, I apologise in advance if I’m doing something stupid.

Can you please send a screenshot of the staketology page as well?
I’m not seeing anything strange by looking at your address.


Hello, also this looks fine, nothing strange…
Just to double check, neither the ‘Redeem’ button nor the ‘Claim’ button works?

Can you try and claim both? I would like to see if it charges you for the ONG or if fails for both.

I have tried numerous times to claim both and it just tells me to open the ONT app on my ledger, then it ask me to sign the transaction, it then says it’s completing the transaction, then it finishes but the ONG hasn’t moved.

Hi we are looking into it once again. We did notice you were able to make a normal claim for ONG on the 19th. Was that a claim in the app itself and not in the ontstake page?

I had ONT staked using Owallet and I was able to claim the ONG and move it and the ONT which I can see using my ledger and the O3 wallet but I can’t redeem or claim within the Stakeology page. Is there another way I can access the ONG and ONT using my ledger and a different Wallet or app (dapp)

Hi, what do you mean exactly with the fact you ‘moved it and the ONT’? Did you create a new address on your ledger and send your tokens there from Owallet? Or did you just import the Owallet ledger wallet into O3?

Either way you should be able to use the same wallet in Owallet, and you could try to access the stake and ONG in there fro Owallet as well.

Sorry I didn’t explain that very well. I was able to claim my ONG and move my previously staked ONT (using Owallet) from the staked node back to my swap wallet which is what you can see in O3 and in the screen shot of the stakeology page. I tried using Owallet to see my other staked ONT and Redeemable ONG that I can see in O3 but I couldn’t see it. I’ll give it another go.

One possible reason is that in OWallet, they use specific non-NEO compatible addresses. Meaning that the addresses OWallet generates for ledger devices are not the same ones that come up on for example O3 or NEON wallet. In O3 we have the option to change your ledger address to these same non-NEO compatible addresses when you are importing your wallet into O3. Could you please make sure that the address matches between O3 and OWallet.

Another thought comes to mind, if you having trouble connecting your ledger device with the wallet. There have been cases where users needed to change the micro usb cable they were using, as it may have become damaged at some point (this happened to me once). Also make sure that the usb connection to the ledger device and the computer are both securely inserted.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I’m still trying to figure out how to find and move my staked ONT (as in the screen shot) back to my wallet. Can you please help?