ONT doesnt show in wallet


HI There

I have O3 wallet with Ledger Nano.


My wallet only shows me only gas to claim no ONT

Can you help me?

Greetz Marcel


Hi Marcel,

I think you were able to figure it out? I see your address has ONT and ONG claimed now:

Let me know if you still are having trouble.



Hi Arco,

I have installed the newest version of the wallet.

But if i want to claim ONT i have to fill in a private key but i have a ledger Nano.

I dont need to fil in a key am i right?




Hello Marcel,

No you will need to re-add the ledger in that case. Please go to settings, click the settings icon to the right of your ledger wallet name, click remove wallet and follow the instructions.
Next go back to the settings menu, then click ‘Login with Ledger’.

Then you should be ok, and it won’t ask you for a private key :wink:


Hi Arco,

IT works Many tnx

Greetz Marcel