ONT Token Swap and O3 updates


Regarding the ONT token swap in O3: the Ontology team needs a bit more time to make sure the mapping (token swap function) works without failure. For O3 this means that we have to postpone the update, because if we release it now there is a chance you will lose your ONT tokens. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but as soon as we have the ok from Ontology we will release the new updates. It should be before July 9th for sure. Ontology has announced all the details regarding the token swap here, please have a look.




I want to feedback a problem ,please support it. I just swap my ont nep5 token to ont mainnet token on O3 wallet,but my O3 wallet can’t receive my ont token and ont nep5 token lost! Do i lost my ont token?



No, it will just take up to 24 hours before the Ontology mainnet tokens will show up.
This is the way that Ontology has it set up, so don’t worry it will show up in your wallet later.


It’s now been 36 hours and mine still are not showing up. Nor are my mainet airdrop tokens from yesterday, they just disappeared. And the swapped tokens are not showing at all. No transactions showing either.


Hello, I just replied in the other topic, should be visible now.

Regarding the transactions, there was a bug with the transaction screen on iPhone, so we are releasing an update 1.6.1 for iOS now. It is waiting for approval by apple and should be available later today.

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I have swapped my tokens about 10 days ago and now I have some balance on the ONG tokens but the majority tokens went back to the ONT balance. Does it mean that the tokens have been swapped and the factional tokens are the ones which have been moved to the ONG tokens? Please advice



You can only move whole tokens to the ONT mainnet. So yes the whole tokens have been swapped I assume. You can check this by inputting your address on explorer.ont.io

The remaining fractional ONT tokens you should probably send to an exchange like Binance where they will be swapped, otherwise you will lose those.