Pending Withdrawals Neo and GAS

Withdrawel problems still in pending Neo and Gas withdrawel
My exchange address : AYXaSnqReoCvTrxJcHM3KqULHsedHhK6PJ
My O3 address : AZYoPzMaqevtH5TtLoWyixJerQKXfUB98u

Hello, do you mean you withdraw from exchange to your O3 address?
If so, you should contact the exchange, problem is most likely on their side…

No i am sending from O3 to my exchange

I see. Currently there are thousands of transactions pending on the NEO blockchain. This means transactions are in a backlog. I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do right now, this is a problem on the NEO blockchain itself. If you want to make any more transactions it is recommended that you add a small GAS fee (click priority), that will help it go through faster.

Okay but any idea how long it will take?
And i need some ONG to withdraw my ONT

Not sure about that, not much we can do about it until the amount of transactions decreases…
Regarding ONG, please post your wallet address in this topic: