Sent ONT to Neo address on o3

hi - I sent some ONT to a Neo address on o3 wallet, hash: f661e319c6364cfb12204deb0bf7be17c045bdd03ad679d7d3400e7a6e492d84

have tried importing ONT/Neo wallets one way or the other but the ONT isn’t showing up as an asset even after I add it as an asset …

Is it possible to use an old version of o3 wallet?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you


We separate the Neo and Ont in different wallets.

You need to select the Ont wallet and import your private key, then you will see your ONT.

Also, check if the transaction is done, the assets should show up afterward.

eljimberino, please reply with your wallet address, and we will check the transaction record.

hi - this is the address as per the hash record: AXd7Ha8jTqJ6eVp9HPtv8eKKPKF7i188e5

thank you

got it - thank you!!!