The money in the wallet is gone

The Android system can’t be transferred. In the past two days, when it is opened, the unknown error is directly displayed, and the amount is not displayed. Therefore, Apple downloaded the wallet, and after importing it, the front of it disappeared. Is it the same as me? Are they liars? They can transfer in but not out


Not really enough detail to help you here? Try download the Windows desktop client wallet and see if your balance shows there after putting in your password etc.

Only other thing I can think of is the Android App upto date? Go into your Play Store and see if there is an update pending, you have to upgrade before things will work again to my knowledge.

Please check you are in the latest version and the internet is stable. The assets display normally here.
Can you also provide the address also then we can check it. Your coin is safe. The assets are stored on the chain instead of wallet.

The wallet I use is the latest version, so how can I turn my wallet back from the chain? I can’t use it on the chain

I transferred it from another wallet, not because it is on the chain, but because I want to be able to see it, please tell me how to transfer it back to my wallet.

I don’t get your question, can you provide your address?
If there is coin on your address, it will show in the wallet

What’s in this wallet can’t be transferred to the coin counter

I want to transfer it, but I can’t transfer it


I check your address, there is no BNB in your address to pay the gas fee
You will need the BNB in your address first before transferring any assets

Can’t you usdt? I can’t convert other currencies in the software

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Yes, you need to buy some BNB from exchange
otherwise you can not transfer any assets on BSC

Can’t I exchange it on the software?