Unable to withdraw ont / ong - app crashes after tapping send


Hi - ok, got a few issues on my version 2.3.3 Android O3 wallet. Network is set to default: private (if that helps) -

1: The app crashes everytime I try send any asset (I’ve got enough ONG)
2: I am also unable to access the “My private key” page.

I would be really grateful if you can look into this - Thanks


Hello there,

We’re sorry to hear that, we are going to look into it.
Can you please tell us which phone you are using?
Also if you can let us know your wallet address that would be helpful :wink:



Hi I’m looking at the issue and it would be good to get a few more details.

Is there anyway you could send us a screen recording of the send crash to arco@o3.network? I can’t pin down the issue by just looking at the log files.

Also could you further explain what is happening when you tap my private key? Does the app crash, or does clicking it just do nothing?



dress AXymoMWiRaN8uWZrcuHHjw9bzjJMQzYeQs

I’m using a OnePlus 5 (a5000) and OxygenOS version 5.1.5



Sure, will send a few screenshots.

When I tap My private key I get asked for a phone pin / fingerprint. After the security check it takes me back to my portfolio page. No crash, just back to the portfolio / asset list.



Screenshots sent via the contact form in-app - ticket (1884)

Thanks again for the help on this guys.


One last question, did you recently update your OS version? It was working before and now isn’t or is this a brand new wallet


Hi Andrey - My phone updates automatically, I can confirm I’m on the latest version. The last update was a OS patch and a security update. Not sure when it last updated though, sorry. (Edit) sorry forgot to add - I’ve had the app for about a month …more or less.

This is the first time I’m trying to withdraw, so not sure how long I’ve had this issue.

It feels like it’s got something to do with the security & fingerprint screens, as the issues happen after the security screens …just a thought ?