Unable to withdrawal GAS


For some reason I am unable to withdrar GAS. I keep on getting message to try later.
Can you advise please?

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Sorry for the late reply, could you tell me the detailed steps how you withdraw your gas? Or you mean claim gas?
Thanks very much.

Hi Morgan,

I’m trying to withdraw GAS to another wallet.
There are three simple steps to proceed wtith that. enter transfer to address and confirm transaction.
I keep on geeting message “transfer not accepted, wait and try again” but it stil doesn’t help if I keep on trying.
error screenshot attached.
Can you advise please?



Sorry for the late reply. We tried the process with GAS and the transaction was successful. The failed reason may unstable network. Could you use another network to try again? If it still doesn’t work, please provide us your detailed version information, software version, computer system version, etc.


thank you for your quick response.
I’m not pretty sure I understand when you say use another network.
I recently downloaded windows wallet v 3.0.8. I tried various time and it still won’t work. I run o3 on windows 10.


We tried the GAS transaction process successfully. Another network I mean the different internet (WLAN). Could you try again on the wallet? And feel free to ask us if you still have trouble with that :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue, not able to withdraw my gas from the 03 ios wallet.
Keep getting an error saying:
Please try again later, Something went wrong (sad smiley)


I have exactly same problem with GAS.
It show me the same.
Try again later.
I tried on my pc, my android phone updated just week ago and on my iphone updated just yesterday.
Always say same.
CAN YOU DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR APP? You will start loosing your clients if you do not sort it out quickly.
I believe that I will not waiting 2 months for response.

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Can you describe the operation process in detail?


Yes I can.

As I login to my O3 app I click on send

then it ask me Where? In the box I past my wallet address where I want to send my GAS

Then it ask me to choose what coins NEO,GAS, etc. I want to send.

I choose GAS and in row I have to type how much coins I want to send.

Then I click Send and it ask me to verify password or fingerprint.

Then sending and after that


see attached picture.

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Jozef Belicaimage

Hi O3 team,

Then I have another problem.
I cant connect with my Coinbase account.

As I click on Connect Coinbase Account then it direct me to new page and this come on my phone screen (see attached)
Same with pc.

With Best Regards

Jozef Belicaimage

Please update your O3 Wallet to the latest version :slight_smile: (O3 Wallet Basic upgrade to O3 Wallet) We rebranded in August.
O3 appstore

The function of connecting Coinbase is temporarily closed.


I followed your instructions as you describe them.

see attached picimage

I also updated my ios version to 1.0.7

Did you want to send the all available Gas for the transaction?

Please try to increase the priority fee for a great amount of transaction.

Ok but what is priority fee?
I want send little credit of 1,70$ and I dont have idea how much is your fee.

The priority fee is for speeding up your transaction, you can try to add 0.1 Gas as priority fee for your transaction.

But if I dont want priority then I do not click PRIORITY and then its going as normal. I tried both of them transfers and non of them works.