Unbounded ONG has reduce


Hi all

Yesterday, I was looking the explorer of onto
I was around 50 unbounded ONG and now, I have only a little bit than 6.

Someone know what could happen ?




The Unbounded ONG and Unclaimed ONG are two different things. The ontology explorer is showing both, but we only show unclaimed ONG as that is all that matters to the user really. The amount of unclaimed ONG should match, but if you send or receive a ONT transaction your unclaimed ONG counter in O3 will stop going up. Then you just have to claim the ONG, and it will show the new unclaimed balance again. Of course the actual ONG accumulation never stops, it’s going on in the background until you claim the ONG.


Today, it is August 3rd. I tried to claim without success.


Hi there,

It’s probably because you don’t have ONG in your wallet yet. Claiming and sending will cost 0.01 ONG in fees, so if you don’t have ONG in your wallet you won’t be able to send/claim. Ontology will make claiming free of cost temporarily but it’s not live yet, stay tuned for more info.