What is Fee to xfer out from O3 wallet?



Is there a Fee chart using O3 wallet?
To be specific, i was interest to know if there is any fee xfering out from O3 wallet to exchange or other compatibles since it keep saying i need at least 0.00000001 gas. 0.00000001 gas will be the fee of any xfer from O3 wallet?



You do not need any GAS anymore in your wallet to send tokens, this message will disappear in a coming update. Technically you had to have 0.00000001 GAS in your wallet but this would just stay there because there was never a transaction fee, it never costs GAS to send transactions on the NEO network.


But how can I get the “at least 0.00000001 gas” then? I have 0 gas in my O3 wallet now…


Well, if you hold NEO you can claim GAS. Otherwise you are able to buy it on an exchange like Binance. Anyway this should be solved now so you do not need to have any GAS in your wallet anymore to send.


OK, thanks, Let me try the PC wallet version to see if the limit is on.