When do the monthly rewards from the Foundation come out

When do the monthly rewards from the Foundation (Ontology) come out? It’s going on April 4th and there doesn’t seem to be anything. I hope these are still being distributed as the coin is so young there is not an incentive to stake or help it grow without encouragement. It’s too early for these to be gone.

Is there a calendar or website that says when they’re distributed?

Hello, I think they were distributed on the 1st of April already. Did you not get them?
In that case, is it possible that your stake only became active after March 1st? Your stake has to be active before the last day of the previous month to get Foundation rewards over the following month.

So if you stake in February, your stake is active for the whole month of March, then you get the rewards on April 1st. Stake in March, active whole month of April, you will get the rewards early May.

No, it was active in February. In fact, my account here has me asking at the end of February about my already active stakes and the stakeology app. So I’m sure it was active before the first, and nothing was received. That’s why I thought maybe they hadn’t come out yet or have already been pulled. Without the monthly rewards staking is not too useful at this point.

I think I know the problem - every time you add to a stake you actually reset it.

I agree without the foundation rewards it’s almost not worth staking at this point.
But it would be pretty strange if it resets with every time you add to a stake… How did you come to that conclusion?

Even for us Ontology staking is still a mystery sometimes…

It really doesn’t actually help the network either, since the 7 nodes are already picked. It’s supposed to be a vote for the nodes, but since you only got the Foundation rewards with the 7 approved nodes, people didn’t vote for something else, i.e. stake elsewhere.

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