Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Lately we have been getting a lot of requests from users that hold ONT but no ONG. Without ONG you are not able to claim or send transactions. Since there are too many requests and different posts, we will combine everything into one single thread. If you want to request some ONG please read the below text and reply to this post with your wallet address. If your post gets a like that means we have sent you the ONG

Please note that for every transaction you make on the Ontology blockchain a network fee is incurred. This fee has to be paid up front and is applicable for both sending ONT/ONG (0.01 ONG) and when claiming ONG (0.02 ONG). This network fee is set by Ontology and can not be changed by us. This means that even if you have claimable ONG, if you do not have any ONG in your wallet yet you can not claim or make transactions.

When you do have ONG and are about to claim, make sure the claimable amount is higher than 0.02 ONG, otherwise you pay more in fees than what you will receive. Also please make sure that you always have 0.02 ONG left to pay for the next claim. Once you go below that 0.02 ONG you will need to buy extra ONG again on an exchange or elsewhere.

For more info please check this post about claiming ONG:

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How do you claim OMG ? Can the fee come out of the ont ?


Hello, the fee does not come out of the ONG claim, you have to pay it up front.
So if you don’t have ONG in your wallet then you cannot claim.
If you need some to make your first claim, send us your address.


Dam it

Here is my address


Thank you so much


Hi again, sorry for the late reply. I see you already got some now. So you should be able to claim/send!


Hi, can pls sent ONG to this address.
THANKS Bro. Much appreciated.


Just sent you some, you should be able to claim now.


Hello. I have ONG i wish to claim and here is my address. Aa5TxzuduG9ZiobbZqfy14z25ygpah7tqR

Thank you


Hey there, just sent you some ONG so you can claim now.



Can you send omg for me to claim. Thanks. Much appreciated


I sent you some, but you do not have enough ONG to be able to make a substantial claim. It will cost you 0.02 ONG every time you claim, so at this moment you will only lose money. I would suggest after finishing this claim you wait for a couple of weeks at least before claiming again to make the most of your claimable amount and not lose everything to network fees.


Ok so everytime I claim gas or/and ONG fees are paid? So i should let it accumulate and then claim? Also, how much gas per 1 neo do we receive? Thanks for answering my questions


Yes exactly, every time you claim ONG fees are paid, so it’s better to let it accumulate as much as possible and then claim so you pay less fees on average for the amount claimed.

For NEO’s GAS at this moment there are no fees, but this might change in the future too.
To check how much GAS/ONG you get you can use these websites:


Hi Arco, requesting for some ONG to be able to make my 1st claim, my wallet address below, much appreciated. thanks



Sent! Should be able to claim now.


^ got it… was able to claim… -) thanks!


Hi, I have gone through the claim process & it says it is confirmed & transaction will show shortly, but then after a minute or so it reverts back to original settings as if I hadn’t claimed. I have the latest version of O3. Are you able to help please.


It’s most likely because you do not have ONG to pay for the network fees. Check this topic:

If you give me your address I will send some ONG so you can claim.


Hi, I have the same issue. Can send me some Ong too, or is there another solution?