Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


My problem is that i cant get My ONT token out of My wallet or send them to other wallets


I sent you some ONG, but before you start staking please make sure you claim once to get your extra ONG. Otherwise you run into the same problem later when withdrawing your stake or making simple transactions :wink:


Please read the post on top of this topic. You will need ONG to send. If you can give us your address we will send you some!


I have obviously the same problem as many others: cannot update my ONG-balance (=receive my claimable ONG) because the balance is zero and I cannot pay the fees. Strange set up of the wallet.
Would be grateful if you could help me by sending 0.02 ONG to my wallet with the following address:


Thank you in advance!


I am trying to claim my ONT and ONG, will someone please send ONG to this address:



Hi Arco

I need to get some ONG deposited to start claiming. My address is AXgxdyF2XNnMXAW1pB5asgMMXJgANvTGSi

Thank you for your help in advance



Hello and thank you for the support! After claiming the unbound ONG I returned the received ones. In case another person needs help as well. :wink:


Please help ! I cannot claim my ong and my funds ont are stuck in my wallet .can somebody help me with some 0.1 ong .many thanks !


Hello can someone help me with claim my ong ? Many thanks in advance !



Please help,i send some neo and ont to my O3 wallet but i cannot claim or send ont becouse i need ong to pay fee.please help me to claim my ong .many thanks !Robert


Thank you, that’s very nice of you :slight_smile:
We will keep helping people that need it :wink:


Here are my address: AN1D7DY7tZj4Z7wjW5h7Cb3eBpzSGurGjm
Would be very appreciated with help with some ONG


Hey , I am unable to claim ong.
U can sent a small ong ammount to me , so i am able to claim my own ong?


Thanks a lot for prompt help! Sent it back )


Thank you, that’s nice of you :slight_smile:


Hi arco send me a bit pls too!





can you sent me ONG to this address AGQBTuBNiB8r8NCfJ24YEo2XvbYECA58te

kind regards


Hi, can pls sent ONG to this address.


THANKS Bro. Much appreciated.


Hello, you don’t have any ONT, so we cannot give you any ONG. If you have ONT but no ONG then we can send you some to help you out to be able to claim your ONG for the first time.


Hello please send me some ONG I need to claim mine. Here is my address thanks ALKoHGF1WfkkQXFQvskraVotNZeQR7tmKY