Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


I need a small amount of claimable for my first transaction
my address is AV3frSc3vVTzFsWArdrNsHZuxpALs8ehAe


May I please be allocated some ONG so I may conduct my first transaction. My address is:



Kind offer. Here is my wallet address as requested🙏


I cannot claim ong. Could you send some to me?



Hello, can i please have some ONG so i can start claiming in my wallet?

thanks so much!



I have same problem. Please help me.
My wallet address


Thanks for your good help.
I am raelly O3 fan​:ok_hand::rose:
I cross my fingers for you :pray:


If someone would be kind enough to send 0.2 ONG to AQn9huJwNfTr6K2BEgzd6M5YvrgXQeXJLC it would be appreciated.
Cant even buy ONG on my exchange !!!

Thanks in Advance


Morning Argo,
Please would you kindly send me 0.01 of ONG so I could start my first Claim?
My address is;

Thank you in advance.


Please send ONG to my OWalletaddress. Thanks!


It’s kind of a Catch-22 you’ve created. My Unbound ONG will not change to Claimable ONG because it only updates to Claimable ONG when “you make a transaction in your wallet address.” Why did they create such a hurdle and can’t they just allow it to update without a transaction?! Thanks!





Did you know this is the O3 wallet forum and not Ontology? We are separate entities :slight_smile:
Unfortunately we have no way of changing those rules, they are made by Ontology.

Also, I will send you some ONG, but please check out the O3 wallet as well while you’re here!


Got it! Thanks! Will check out the O3 Wallet.


hello can you please send some ONG to…


i had some and screwed it up now it’s all locked



Can i please get some ONG aswell? My adress is

Thanks in advance, you guys will have my conses vote when its time.


Same issue. Very strange issue for a wallet, would expect more from this team.


Need 0.02 to sync

Any help would me much appreciated!



Please send me some ONG. Would appreciate very much! Cant claim yet. I can reimburse if necessary. Just send me your address.


Unfortunately this is the way that Ontology works. That’s not the way that we have designed it, so it’s not our team that does this on purpose. We are instead putting our efforts into giving people free ONG to solve this problem. Please read the first post in this topic.

I sent you some ONG to get you started on your first claim.


Can you post your address?