Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Thank you, I have done my first calm and sync. Now I’m trying to get my head around staking. Is there somewhere I can find simple instructions?


Please send me your address so I can return your ONG. Thanks again for your generosity, it’s a rare thing!


Hi again, you can use this FAQ from Ontology for staking:

We are also working on a staking app in O3, so you can also wait for that to come out (hopefully later this week or next week).

Also, that’s very kind of you to return the ONG. Our address is:
We will use it to help others again :slight_smile:


@arco Having the same problem with finding where to buy OMG. I also
can’t find address to share for OMG or do I just use my NEO address?
Neo address is AVGD1FXyZoh69vKZ9Gcvqt4tD8XWxdw3aH
ONT address is AVGD1FXyZoh69vKZ9Gcvqt4tD8XWxdw3aH.
Lol answered that my self after I pasted both address. They are the same address. sorry I am very new to this all. Kind regards Mandy


Haha yes indeed, it is all the same address :wink:
I just sent you some ONG (not OMG, that’s another token that is not supported by O3 ;p), so you should be able to sync/claim now.

If you have any other questions just make another topic with your question on this community forum or contact !
Thanks for using O3!


How do I buy more ong?


Right now you can only buy it on Bit-Z and another exchange (not sure about the name).
I would suggest you wait until it becomes available on Binance or other major exchanges, but you can try the above if you want to.


@arco Thank you very much for your help and giving me some ONG. Kind Regard Mandy :kissing_heart:



Thank you!


Could I please have some ONG? Will transfer it back.



Would you please send ONG? ATidV7WUdiPZ2aiBA4VHP7pTkQ6rMJzVfR .



The amount of ONT you hold is very small, so you cannot claim anything for a long time unless you get more ONT and generate more ONG. If you have an address that has a significant amount of ONG built up (over 0.05 ONG) then we can give you some to help out with your first claim!


Hello, I recently created a 03 wallet and need some ONG to make my claim. Please send .02 ONG to AWr5FJwBdwAT1fhvPyX5WSuZ48xqjB2LsE



I also need some ONG, since i cannot claim 5 ONG that i already supposed to have and also my ONT is trapped in the wallet.




Please send me some ONG since I am not able to claim ONG in my wallet.

My address;


Hi Guys,

Please can you help? I have available ONT and Gas to claim but I have no ONG this I can’t claim.

My address is AdiKWs3262PCxfynbwui2oraLKBxM2mG4h

Thanks and kindest regards,



Please send me some ONG since I am not able to claim ONG in my wallet.
Thanks in advance

My address;



Can you please send me some Ong so that I can start claiming my Ong?

Thank you
God bless



Thank you @arco :smile:


Thank you!