Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Same problem here.


Solved it myself! Don’t need ong.


Hi !
Since 2 days I cannot claim ONG through my O3-wallet anymore:
How can I solve this?
Thank You

Already solved! Thx !


Hey bud can you please send me .01 omg it would be much appreciated I’m having trouble claiming my ONG


Thank you!


Thank you bud


Thankyou for telling us, I’ve just moved my ontology from binance to here and thought the ong was broken, can you please send to my address. AX3i84YJ2kNaXrqXEhW38Jf1m3nbefaNN2 so I can see if that makes it work. Thankyou



Would you be so kind to send to:
Thanks in advance!


hi.sorry i again need ong for claim my ong. my balance is 0
i can pay for ong. plz send 0.01
thanks so much,and sorry for again request.



Please send me 0.02 ng so I can claim my Ong on the OWallet.

Thank you,




thanks for your support


Hello, are you also a O3 wallet user? Owallet is a different wallet and O3 is operating separately from Ontology’s Owallet. Please check out and download the O3 wallet if you havent yet, then we can give you some ONG.




Hello, I need your help! I can’t collect ong in my purse AewBu6UcR1GZXZExemcoLFnSQqPDbhgNy4.


i’m having issues withdrawing my ont to an exchange and syncing my ONG to claim it. Here is my address

Staking has not worked for me either


Hello. I have ONG i wish to claim and here is my address. APMrGr7uQ9S1KtHAjZomikwzHRKXzvyeuF

Thank you very much for your help.


Can you please send some ONG to this address?


Thank you


Hello, So I have 0.08 ONG accumulated but I still don’t see the option to sync or claim the tokens even though it says that I should hold at least 0.01 for fees… why can’t I sync or claim??


Hello, can you post your wallet address here?
Even if you have accumulated 0.08 ONG, the fees will have to be paid up front, they won’t be deducted from the claimable amount. I assume you do not have ONG in your actual wallet yet, so you cannot pay for the fees meaning you can’t claim.


Hello, Thank you for your response
you are correct, I do not currently have any ONG in holdings.

here is my wallet address : AM7kZbEawhSFTLujxHrryGbBvu1qgbmFsg

Thank you Kindly!


I sent you some ONG, you should be able to claim now :wink: